Prices for the 24. World Meeting of 2CV Friends 2023 (until the end of the year 2022)

  • € 110.00 – Citroën 2CV and derivatives + HY
  • € 130.00 – Citroën before 27.07.1990
  • € 150.00 – Citroën after 27.07.1990
  • € 230.00 – Other (not Citroën)
  • € 40.00 – Person without a car, visitors 6 days. Choose this only if you dont travel in a car. (e.g. bicycle, camping)

Vehicle prices always include the entry price for the driver and co-driver. Additional passengers may be added as required.

To register online, you need information about the driver, passengers and your car (year, license plate, etc.). Payment is made by credit card.

Admission for day visitors is free. Their access is limited to the festival grounds and do not have access to the campsite.

You’ll get your ticket as PDF for self-printing. The ticket will be available only after receipt of payment.

In case of a refund request, 5% of the registration fee will be deducted to cover administrative costs.

Additional information in the directive ” 2CV World Meeting 2023″.

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