The Swiss 2CV friends and the region of Delémont in Switzerland look forward to welcoming you at the 24th 2CV World Meeting, which will be held 27 July to 1 August 2021.

From the outset, the organizing committee composed of members from the 2CV community found partners that were very excited about the idea of organizing this major event. We can therefore guarantee a well-organized and authentic event, which will include cool drinks, good music and camp fires – all in true 2CV spirit.

The meeting will take place in the Canton of Jura, not far from its capital, Delémont. The canton of Jura is the youngest canton in Switzerland. It gained its independence in 1979 thanks to a very particular mentality. The people of Jura are passionate, authentic, freedom- and nature-loving and they appreciate simplicity and conviviality. Your values are therefore also ours.

We are also the land of horses. In fact, the Freiberger or Franche-Montagne is the only horse breed originating from Switzerland. You can therefore rest assured that it won’t be a problem for us to deal with “two horses” for a week.

The venue is very popular among Swiss 2CV friends. It is located in a beautiful natural setting between the communities of Courroux, Courrendlin and Val-Terbi. The location is only 5 minutes away from Delémont, the capital of the Canton of Jura.

Thanks to the venue’s location in the heart of Europe, participants won’t have to travel long distances, i.e. only 30 Minutes from Basel and 45 minutes from Belfort.